Train with the Pack Leader

"When I started training with John I was a very skinny 150 lb. freshman. He trained with me to help improve my strength for basketball.  After four years of hard work I am 203 lbs.  Along with a great mind for strength training, he has also been a great positive force during the training process.  He always pushed and motivated me during exercises and even came to watch me play outside of the training sometimes.  Al in all John has helped mold me into the person I want to be."

Charlie O.

"John started working with me following knee surgery.  He helped me transition from physical therapy to and independent workout program.  Along the way, I have had other problems come up with my back and hip and he was able to help me with those issues as well by showing me new exercises or modifying what I was doing.  I am now much stronger than I have ever been before thanks to John."

Lynn T.

"When I first joined up with John, I had just finished up therapy from a torn bicep.  Depending on John's experience in physical therapy and his knowledge in bodybuilding has proven to be the absolute best decision I've made in my recovery process.  There are many exercises that John is aware of to target each individual's specific needs and he has proven to be extremely patient in bringing me way out front from where I began.  If you're not sure of the mission you need to be on, I can assure you, you will know shortly when John is calling the shots."

Neil H.

"John Seddon helped me get my back stronger for my massage practice.  If you have an injury or are looking to improve your health, John's Master's level education in Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology and 30 minute sessions are a great deal for what you walk away with. "

Helen A.