Sport Specific Conditioning 

By assessing the needs of an athlete in their given sport, I design programs that allow them to realize their physical potential.

Boxing and Kickboxing  I bring many years of involvement with several martial arts to create a full contact workout focusing on proper striking techniques, endurance, and self defense.

Weight Loss                      Improving body composition is best accomplished through an intelligent combination of training and nutrition. I provide personalized training programs and nutritional coaching to help you reach your goals.

Strength Training                My goal is to educate clients how to perform exercises safely and with proper form so they continue to see results from their workouts

Online Personal Training  Through my Strength Zone app I am able to provide clients individualized programs they can perform as their schedule permits.  You can choose between a full online program or a hybrid model that combines one on one and online training

Train with the Pack Leader

Functional training              Shifting the focus of exercises to incorporate stabilizer muscles not used in traditional weight training allows them to better perform daily activities